YORKSHIRE Water is heading-up an initiative which could mean fewer pipe bursts and roadworks.

The firm is leading a group of seven water companies which is developing a new pipe lining.

Water services regulation authority Ofwat has awarded £193,000 for the project, known as Designer Liner.

Chris Offer, for Yorkshire Water, said: "Pipe lining is a fantastic alternative to digging and replacing pipes – it’s cheaper, less disruptive and offers large carbon savings.

"However, we need new lining solutions that have both an enhanced lifespan and deliver performance that meets the demands of a 21st-century water network. This ambitious project offers a unique opportunity to collaborate with others to define what we need from a new lining solution, and ultimately deliver this to market."

Designer Liner is one of 13 projects awarded a total of £5.2m through Ofwat’s Water Breakthrough Challenge, which is designed to drive innovation and collaboration in the sector.

Harry Armstrong, for Ofwat, said: "It's great to see the water sector deliver more exciting and impactful projects through this round of the Water Breakthrough Challenge. The winners all have huge potential to benefit people, society and the natural environment. I’m excited to see these projects become reality."