No one can argue that it’s been a turbulent time for Keighley Building Plastics & Drainage Centre Ltd; not only did they have to contend with a pandemic forcing restrictions on their output, they also had to battle a devastating fire that turned their lives upside down.

But that hasn’t stopped them from coming back stronger than ever. Now with a brand new website and more than 30 years of experience in the industry, it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for some help with a spot of DIY or a full-scale commercial project, Keighley Building Plastics are ready and waiting to help.

After the outbreak of such a shocking fire left a path of utter destruction, no one would have blamed them if they called it quits. But that’s not the way owner Chris likes to think, instead turning to the positives and being grateful for what came from it.

“The fire was devastating but it turned out alright in the end because all of the tenants who are staying, it brought us together and we actually help each other now rather than just ignoring each other as we walk past. The love of my family and the other tenants that are here is what got me through it all.”

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Rebuilding after such an event can be tricky, but again Chris chooses to focus on the positives. Building the warehouse and showroom should have been a monumental task, but instead Chris is able to use his new experiences to the benefit of his customers, learning each new problem and its solution so that he can one day pass on the knowledge to anyone else having such an issue.

As Chris explains, “When people come to me, I can tell them in my own words when to use it, how to use. It’s been a massive learning curve, but I’m grateful for it.”

Such quality and personal service is the mark of a true tradesman, and word has quickly spread. The benefit of word-of-mouth is not to be underestimated, and in a shocking turn of events, even one of Chris’ biggest competitors is now sending customers his way when they’re unable to serve them themselves!

“They’re coming to me and saying ‘your competitors are sending us to you’ because they haven’t got it. Then when they get here and they find out how much cheaper it is in comparison, they’re gobsmacked.”

With such a recommendation, it’s hardly surprising that they’ve “gone from strength to strength”, with a steady stream of customers either returning or telling others about their experience at Keighley Building Plastics & Drainage Centre Ltd.

Keighley News: Stan The Drainage Man, a mascot for Keighley Building Plastics Stan The Drainage Man, a mascot for Keighley Building Plastics

So what is it that sets them apart from the competition? Perhaps it’s the fact that they take pride on delivering excellent products and first-class customer services, based on extensive market knowledge and technical expertise, ensuring that each and every one of their customers have confidence in every purchase.

If you were to ask Chris, he would point to the extensive stock he has on offer, and his ability to always source more should you need it, no matter your project.

“My stock levels are always where I want them to be, I’ve never had to turn anyone away saying, ‘I haven’t got the stock’. If it’s advertised on my website then I’ve got it in store.”

With honest, personal customer service at the forefront of everything they do, and a whole host of products on offer to suit your building needs, it’s no wonder that they’re determined to build back better than ever. So if you’re looking for someone to fulfil all your roofline, drainage, and trimming needs, then look no further than Keighley Building Plastics & Drainage Centre Ltd.


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