Proud mum Louise Skinner gave birth at home by candlelight after a storm caused a power cut.

Her partner rock band drummer Graham Lee helped with the delivery - following instructions given over his mobile phone by a 999 service controller.

After 6lb 9oz Molly Summer Lee was checked by paramedics and a midwife, the couple decided to keep her at home.

Ironically, the couple had originally decided not to have a home birth because Graham was afraid of the risks. The drama began in the early hours of last Thursday when Louise started her contractions.

She and Graeme drove to Airedale Hospital but were sent home because she had not dilated.

The pair sat downstairs in their Church Street, Oakworth, home for a couple of hours.

Graham said: "There was a thunderstorm outside and the electricity went off. It was hailing like mad, it was like a tsunami going down Church Street."

He lit some candles and soon afterwards Louise realised she really was giving birth.

Graham, a member of local rock band The Pipers, dialled 999 for an ambulance.

Graham said: "The landline was off because of the power cut and my mobile would only work in the living room. I had to get Louise into that room from the kitchen."

An operator in the 999 control room gave Graham instructions.

He added: "I was scared but I was confident because I knew I had to do it. I was worried if there were complications. It happened really fast. Louise's contractions were really painful."

Molly was born in about 15 minutes, just before the paramedics arrived, closely followed by a midwife.

Louise said she did not have time to panic and soon forgot the pain despite taking only paracetamol beforehand.

The power came back on within minutes of Molly being checked over.