Schoolchildren in Keighley are being asked to "shop" knife-carrying classmates.

Special business-type cards appealing for information are being distributed to secondary schools.

The cards, being sent to 140,000 students across the region, urge youngsters to phone Crimestoppers if they know of peers who carry a knife or other weapon.

It is hoped the pioneering venture will raise awareness of the issue and act as a deterrent.

Det Sgt Gary Howarth - regional co-ordinator for Crimestoppers, the charity spearheading the initiative - told the Keighley News: "Children may find it difficult to grass' on their mates but this gives them the chance to provide information anonymously that could enable the police to take action against dangerous individuals.

"It is part of a bigger campaign to make contact with hard-to-reach sectors of the community and to allow youths to discuss knife culture, both at school and with their parents. Hopefully, it will encourage debate."

The local business-card scheme is being promoted by Det Con Kevin Mosley, of Crimestoppers.

He said: "If we can reduce the number of knives and the number of people who think it's normal to carry knives, we may save a life, as the card states.

"The message is clear - by giving youths another option, other than ringing the police, we may prevent a serious injury or death.

"Do not think about making the call, just do it - call 0800 555111, lines are open 24/7."