WORK by Keighley-district artists has gone on display in a summer exhibition.

And many of the scenes depicted in the pieces feature local landscapes.

The exhibition runs at The Bingley Gallery until August 21.

Amongst those showing their work is Louise Garrett, whose exhibits have evolved from walks in her local area – taking in locations including old quarry sites at Harden Moor and Betty’s Wood on the St Ives estate.

"Louise is both a plein air – or outdoors – painter and urban sketcher," says the gallery's David Starley.

"Both activities challenge her to create art in direct response to our own region.

"Subsequent studio work develops from these initial field sketches, paintings and photos."

Also exhibiting is Ian Brooks, who lives near Haworth.

"Ian's exquisite etchings are rooted in landscape – capturing the sense of place distinct to specific locations," says David.

"Many feature the moors around his home – the result of sketches made during regular walks there, often revisited in different lights and seasons.

"However, during lockdown he chose to focus on landscapes much more remote, working up incredibly finely detailed images of the island of South Georgia – which he visited whilst undertaking oceanographic research for his academic work at the University of Leeds."

Other artists showing include Leyla Murr, whose abstracts are based largely on landscapes; Ian Burdall, who appeals to those who prefer grittier realism, with disused steelworks and grounded ships; oil painter L Amy Charlesworth, who is currently focussing on portraits of animals; Jan Whittock, who has etchings and ceramics on show; Judith Levin, who's in her element with a misty moorland scene; Diane Hinchliffe, who has a talent for turning clay into creatures; Bev Parker, who portrays livestock and wildlife, including some sheep from her own flock of Swaledales; and debutant exhibitor Bonehead.

David – the gallery proprietor and artist in residence, who also has some of his latest oil paintings on show – said: "The Bingley Gallery has for years sought to promote local talent and financially support those artists through sales.

"The summer exhibition is always eclectic – lots of different subjects and approaches, and art to suit all tastes. There is a mix of new and established artists. Some come with ready-made reputations, whilst others are talented artists but who have had little previous exposure and for whom this may be the first step towards a professional standing."