A 25-year-old man who assaulted a pub manager and caused damage estimated at more than £2,500 has been jailed for a year.

Recorder Ian Graham said David Whittingham appeared to have gone almost berserk as he swung around bar stools, smashing beer pumps, optics and mirrors during a disturbance at the Old Sun pub, in West Lane, Haworth, last October.

During the late-night incident, pub manager Peter Barnes was knocked to the ground as Whittingham wielded a bar stool but the defendant later claimed that the blow had been reckless rather than a deliberate act.

As Whittingham fled the pub, he attacked Mr Barnes's colleague, Albert Roberts, as he tried to use his phone to contact the police.

Prosecutor Ewan McLachlan told Bradford Crown Court on Monday that Whittingham, of Coronation Way, Braithwaite, was one of five men who had gone into the pub at about 11.15pm.

Whittingham ordered some drinks but later other members of the group began making threatening comments to Mr Barnes.

Mr McLachlan said Whittingham became aggressive and threw a rubber beer mat and three drip trays.

Despite one of the group telling Whittingham not to be stupid, he began swinging around a stool, smashing beer pumps on the bar.

After breaking that stool he picked up another and used it to break five or six optic bottles, some glasses and two mirrors.

As Mr Barnes tried to calm Whittingham down, he swung the bar stool again, knocking him off balance. Mr Barnes twisted his leg as he fell and also struck the left side of his face on a stone fireplace.

The manager was taken to hospital and in a victim impact statement he described himself as being badly shaken up by the incident for a few days afterwards.

He was off work for a week and had to employ extra staff to cover for his absence.

The court heard that his colleague suffered a broken thumb when he was attacked outside the pub by Whittingham.

Whittingham, who had previous convictions, including common assault and criminal damage, pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to two charges of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and one of criminal damage.