Bradford is only ten miles from Keighley - those words should come back and haunt Philip Gee, the executive director for South and West Yorkshire St John Ambulance.

He was commenting on the rightful anger and concern at the decision to close the organisation's Keighley headquarters - saying local members can go to the newly refubished building in Bradford.

If they don't fancy that the group can travel the other way to Skipton. The crumb of comfort is that when the Russell Street building closes they will instead get a grant of £30 a week to "hire a church hall for meetings". Their generosity knows no bounds.

Once again as far as the bean counters go it is a wise decision based on the current economic climate and the cost of maintaining the old building.

But what about the needs of the volunteers at the branch and its ability to attract youngsters to develop a high quality skill? The branch is an essential cog in the wheels of the town. The branch has an important community role, which must be preserved.

This situation highlights a need for a central point where groups can meet. The plans for Central Hall seem to be wallowing in the mire. What an excellent venue that would make for groups like St John Ambulance.

Mr Gee would do well to remember Keighley is not a suburb of Bradford. It is a proud town in its own right. The ten miles remark has added insult to injury.