Braithwaite residents must find cash to repair their damaged community centre.

Bradford Council owns the Whinfield Centre, in Keighley, but will not fund structural repairs to the roof and wall.

The volunteer management committee - made up of residents - is responsible for the building's upkeep.

The centre is used every week for activities, including a toddler group, youth club and over-50s luncheon club.

The news was revealed following confusion over who owned the Braithwaite Avenue building.

Residents have been passed back and forth between two council departments, which each claimed the other was responsible.

Tracey Smith, the centre's development worker, said the issue had rumbled on for several years.

In recent months she had talked with the council's asset management department and youth service.

The issue came to a head last month when a car crashed into the wall and then was driven off.

Tracey cancelled activities for a week until the building was declared safe to open.

She told the Keighley News that cash also had to be found to fix a leaking roof.

She said: "We can't afford to pay for the vandalism to the roof."

The management committee, Braithwaite and Guardhouse Community Association, does not have to pay rent to Bradford Council.

Tracey believed there had been a seven-year lease from the council, which ran out about three years ago.

The association could not locate paperwork covering ownership and responsibility because the committee had changed about three times in the last few years.

The Keighley News last month asked the council to clarify which department was responsible for the Whinfield Centre.

Last week it responded: "Bradford Council owns the Whinfield Centre and the community association is responsible for repairs to the building."