WORK produced by a group of students has gone on display at Haworth's Bronte Parsonage Museum.

The intricate piece of textile artwork is sitting alongside an exhibition Defying Expectations: Inside Charlotte Bronte’s Wardrobe, which features more than 20 items of clothing and accessories that belonged to the writer of Jane Eyre.

Textile artist and author Hannah Lamb was approached by the museum to produce the interactive artwork.

She is also the programme leader for a textiles practice foundation degree course at Bradford School of Art, and enlisted the help of her students to perform the intricate needlework required for the commission.

Hannah says: "Because of the scale of the project I devised, I realised I couldn't handle the volume of embroidery needed so decided to see if any of my students would be prepared to help.

"I was bowled over to find that lots of them were super keen to get involved. I think it has given them a real insight into how professional artists work, and they have all been excited to have a hand in making the finished piece. It has been such a lovely, positive collaboration."

As part of the project, called Fragment of a Dress, visitors to the museum were invited to write a few words about an item of clothing that was significant to them.

Over two weeks, the students rendered the handwritten stories in embroidery, building up the words stitch by stitch. Each piece was worked on transparent silk organza and they were then put together in the style of a dress that Charlotte Bronte might have recognised.

Sassy Holmes, programme officer at the Bronte Parsonage Museum, said: "Hannah has created a nostalgic and moving piece of art, that tells the story of how important clothes are to us.

"Fragment of a Dress has so many layers – much like when we dress ourselves! Her installation is a combination of people’s memories through their wardrobes. It is also the coming together of talented embroiderers at Bradford School of Art. The sharing and collaboration in the making of the installation is just as beautiful as Hannah’s finished work, and we can’t wait for visitors to come and see it."

Fragment of a Dress is on show at the museum until December 31, alongside Defying Expectations: Inside Charlotte Bronte’s Wardrobe.

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