PEOPLE are being warned against trying to cool off during the current hot spell by leaping off Kildwick Bridge into the River Aire.

Adults and children have been reportedly jumping off the Medieval bridge on Main Street, Kildwick, despite being advised against it.

John Jakes, Public Safety Officer for the South Craven area, based in Cowling, said with the current dry spell, the river was much more shallow than normal.

"Because the river is more shallow, people jumping in off the bridge may injure themselves; divers may also be injured on passing debris," he said.

"Although the water appears calm, there may be currents below the surface that people jumping in to the river can not see."

He added there was potentially slurry and waste from farms going into the river, which could cause sickness and also possible cold water shock - where sudden immersion into cold water can cause involuntary gasping, rapid breathing or hyperventilation, potentially causing a heart attack.

PSO Jakes added: "We want people to have fun, but to take precautions and only swim in designated areas. We have spoken to local schools but unfortunately teenagers and some adults do not adhere to our warnings."

Police Support Officers are relatively new in Craven. They are triple hatted officers working for the police, fire and ambulance services in rural and out of reach communities. Their work is mainly in early intervention and preventative work, but they also react to emergencies.