THE fuel bills are unpayable. Inflation could reach 15 per cent. And the Tories put their internal squabbles above the national interest. Keighley Trade Union Council believes there is little chance in the immediate future of Parliament addressing the cost-of-living crisis.

However with their Members of Parliament – particularly in 'red wall' areas such as Keighley and Ilkley – petrified of losing their seats in an early general election, we believe public opinion if linked to trade union and community action can force the Government to act decisively. Remember, the Tories will do anything to remain in power!

At an emergency executive meeting of Keighley Trade Union Council it was agreed that we need change immediately, and that change has to be organised. I am therefore writing as secretary of Keighley TUC to encourage all readers of whatever political persuasion to join us and sign-up to the pressure group Enough is Enough. This can be joined online at and it already has 450,000 signatories.

This Government has no comprehension of what life is like for ordinary people.

Enough is Enough has five simple demands: a real pay rise, slash energy bills, end food poverty, decent homes for all and tax the rich.

Whilst recognising these demands may be expensive to implement, the alternative in terms of poverty and ill health is unthinkable. We intend to set-up a local campaign group and urge you to get involved. Contact us at

Make your voice heard – enough is enough!

Dave Towers, secretary, Keighley TUC

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