COMEDY Brian and Charles is the latest offering from Keighley Film Club.

The movie premiered at this year's Sundance Film Festival.

It marks the feature debut of director Jim Archer and is from a screenplay by David Earl and Chris Hayward, who also star in the film as Brian and Charles respectively.

"One thing that all reviewers agree on about Brian and Charles is its typically English comedy style," says Alan Watkinson, for the film club. "Yet ironically, it is set in the Welsh countryside.

"The film is a full version of a 2017 short.

"Brian is a lonely eccentric who spends much of his time fabricating weird ingenuous machines from redundant parts. His lack of social friendships leads him first to create childish games and then to provide a robotic friend, Charles.

"Built around a washing machine, Charles becomes a quirky DIY kind of robot which develops its intelligence through a dictionary and a fascination with cabbages!

"The film has a surrealistic nature, and Rotten Tomatoes gave it an 84 per cent rating."

The film club screening of Brian and Charles (PG, 80 minutes) is at the Picture House, in North Street, Keighley, on Sunday, September 18, at 6pm.