ANGRY residents have hit out after a 5G mobile phone mast was installed close to their homes.

Householders say the structure – in Keighley Road, Bogthorn – is causing a noise nuisance, looks out of place and interferes with TV signals.

The mast, and its associated equipment, was erected by Three.

Lorry driver Sam Holmes, who lives opposite the mast, says: "This towering structure – along with the electrical boxes that come with it – is in such close proximity to our houses it has greatly affected residents.

"It interferes with TV signals from Freeview aerials – we’ve had to find a TV filter at our own expense to solve this.

"The noise from the fan trying to cool down the equipment is a disgrace. At around 20C this fan kicks in and runs all night.

"And the visual impact is horrendous. They have installed the mast in a row of trees, but didn’t bother to paint it green to soften the outline.

"These masts belong on industrial estates, and certainly no closer than a 100-metre radius from residential properties."

Mr Holmes says a notice about a proposed mast did drop through letterboxes last year, but that it stated a different site address.

A Three spokesperson says: "Access to 5G has a vital role to play in boosting local economies, helping residents and businesses get faster and more reliable network coverage. This is why we’re working with the local council in Bogthorn to roll out the UK’s fastest 5G network.

"Whilst we try to keep mast sites as unobtrusive as possible, they do need to be situated near to where people will be using the service and in many cases at precise locations to ensure the widest coverage."

The company added that engineers had adjusted the fans to reduce the noise produced, and that it would continue to monitor the situation.

A Bradford Council spokesperson said: "The Government is keen to assist the rollout of 5G networks and this mast is similar to hundreds being installed across the UK.

"National permitted development rights limit local planning powers on these.

"A prior notification application was submitted and we wrote to local residents and displayed a site notice to raise awareness and give people an opportunity to comment.

"The application was carefully processed in line with Government regulations, and in keeping with planning law we determined that the mast could be installed."