A KEIGHLEY-district school has won recognition for its use of technology to inspire children.

Wilsden Primary is among schools showcased by Microsoft for "exemplifying the best of teaching and learning".

The school is part of the Microsoft Showcase Schools Programme, and a so-called education transformation network which utilises technology to enhance pupils' learning.

As part of the initiative, Wilsden Primary introduced the use of a 'Reading Progress' tool.

Built into Microsoft Teams, the tool is designed to support and track children's reading fluency.

Andrew Chadwick, head of school at Wilsden Primary, said: "We’re incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with Microsoft as part of its group of 'showcase schools'.

"Along the journey we have picked up some great new ideas to improve the learning and overall engagement of students.

"We’re always searching for ways to improve as a school, and looking to the future we want to further develop the use of technology for our pupils."

Microsoft says it "looks forward to supporting and learning from the school as it continues to innovate and drive whole-school transformation".

Wilsden Primary School is part of the Focus Trust, which has 15 member schools in West Yorkshire and the north-west of England.