YOUNGSTERS from Kildwick Primary School had a capital time in London.

The Year 6 pupils were given a tour of the Houses of Parliament.

Their first stop was Westminster Hall, which had recently taken on new significance after the late Queen Elizabeth II laid in state there.

They then headed to Central Lobby to discover more about the history of the building, and visited the Commons.

The children participated in a workshop about the suffragettes and their battle to win the vote for women.

And after leaving the Parliament building, the group had a walk around London – and a ride on the London Eye – before heading home on the train.

A school spokesperson said: "The trip was a real highlight of the first half-term for Year 6. The children were all brilliantly behaved and excellent representatives of Kildwick School.

"I was very impressed that we were able to go into the House of Commons – in previous years, we have only been allowed in the viewing gallery! It was amazing to stand in front of the iconic green benches, see the speaker’s chair and spot where the prime minister and opposition leader stand to go head-to-head in debates."