KEIGHLEY Constituency Labour Party has marked a milestone.

Members gathered to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Keighley electing its first Labour MP.

Hastings Lees-Smith took the seat with a then record majority of nearly 5,000 votes, defeating the Liberal candidate William Brigg and Conservative Charles Fould.

Amongst guests at the anniversary event were the mayor of West Yorkshire Tracey Brabin, and Bradford West MP Naz Shah.

The gathering also included a discussion – led by Adrian Farley, chair of the Keighley Constituency Labour Party – about Labour’s past achievements and future challenges.

Mr Farley says: "At the event it was not only great to reflect upon some of Labour’s greatest achievements over the past 100 years, such as the establishment of the NHS and the national minimum wage, but it was also important to focus on how Labour can continue to deliver major successes such as these in the future."