Evri has issued an apology to people in the Denholme area over delayed parcels.

Residents claim they have been waiting more than two weeks for the courier, formerly known as Hermes, to deliver many parcels to the area.

Residents described feeling “at their wits end” over the delays while one retailer had to refund a customer's expensive Black Friday purchase after it went missing.

Evri reportedly told customers on different days about issues with staff cover and a crash blocking the delivery route.

One resident, who has been sending tracking numbers from disgruntled residents to Evri, said: “120 different tracking numbers – every single email is just ‘We’re sorry your parcels delayed’. You try and get in touch with them and it’s just a nightmare. It’s just a different excuse every time.

“I do all my Christmas shopping online, I run a business and a charity. It’s easier for me to shop online.

“It’s got to the point now where I don’t think anybody knows what to do. We’re all at our wits end with it.

“Get our parcels out or at least give us some update on when we can get our parcels.

“One of my parcels went missing and I had to go back to the retailer with Evri and that retailer’s refunded me.”

Meanwhile, photos have emerged of hundreds of parcels sat in large yellow containers, apparently taken at one of Evri’s delivery centres in the BD4 area.

One of the bins appears to be marked with ‘backlog’ with a source claiming staff were told the parcels “won’t be gone till after New Year’s”.

But Evri branded this statement “absolute nonsense”, adding that all the parcels would be delivered by the end of November 30.

In response, a spokesperson for Evri said yesterday: “We are sorry that some customers in the Denholme area have experienced delays in receiving their parcels.

"Our local team is working hard to address this and any delayed parcels, which total around 350, will be cleared by the end of the day.

"We thank everyone for their patience and understanding but would remind a small minority that, whilst we understand your frustration, we will not accept bullying and abuse of any kind towards our couriers and team.

“The photos show the 350 parcels sorted into postcode area for delivery today. Claims that these will not be delivered until the New Year are absolute nonsense.”

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