OFFICIAL Competition is being screened by Keighley Film Club.

The movie features a billionaire businessman who, in search of fame and social prestige, decides to make a groundbreaking film.

To achieve his goal he hires the best in the business – famous filmmaker Lola Cuevas and two well-known actor brothers, Felix Rivero and Ivan Torres. Penelope Cruz stars as the film's director.

"Felix is a no-good drunk who inevitably clashes with Ivan – the straight-laced brother," says Alan Watkinson, for the film club. "They can't stand the sight of each other, and Cruz uses her role to pit them against one another.

"The brothers' rivalry focusses the film's direction around the story of the prize-winning novel that it is actually about. The clear message is that behind every film there is always a story waiting to be released – and this one takes the power of human behaviour to a funny level of extremity."

Official Competition – certificate 15 – is directed by Mariano Cohn and Gaston Duprat and it has a running time of one hour 55 minutes.

The screening is at Keighley Picture House on Sunday, December 18. Doors open at 5.30pm, and the film starts at 6pm.