A 15-METRE-HIGH 5G mast proposed for a village would be "visually jarring", say planners.

Bradford Council has refused an application to erect the mast, and install associated cabinets, at Lingfield Road in Wilsden.

CK Hutchison Networks had argued there was a coverage gap in Wilsden and that the new mast was needed to provide the necessary signal for users.

It felt that the mast would "assimilate well" into the surrounding street scene.

Four people had written to the council in support of the plans, agreeing better coverage was needed in the village.

But 32 people objected, saying the mast would be an eyesore.

Planning officers agreed with objectors, saying: "The proposed development would be highly visible given its prominent siting.

"The mast and associated cabinets and equipment would be substantially higher than existing manmade features in the vicinity.

"The proposal would add an imposing modern element that would be visually jarring and detrimental to the character of the area.

"It is acknowledged that there is a 'coverage hole' in this location and the pole would extend 5G service across the target area, though the site search criteria to identify potential alternative locations do not appear to have been robustly considered."