THIS photo was taken at St Joseph's Primary School, Queen's Road, in 1964 of the last class to take the 11-plus in Keighley two years later.

Bernard Hall and myself can put names to many faces, but we still have several we can’t remember. Can anybody help to fill in the memory gaps and perhaps shed light on what became of these long-ago classmates?

Back row: Francesco ?, unknown, unknown, Michael Hall, Keith Abbott, Stephen Scroop, Julie Craven, unknown, Theresa ?, Catherine or Katherine ?, Margaret Arnold, Mary ?

Middle row: Joseph Quain, Frank ?, Kenneth ?, unknown, Derek Hobson, Anthony Atkins, unknown, Judith Anderson, Anne Blaylock, Theresa ?, unknown, Adrian ?

Front row: Keith ?, Peter Aymard, Terence ?, Doreen Krynak, Kevin Seaton, Anna Hrymalak, Pamela Feeney, Barbara ?, unknown, Bernard Hall, Peter Conway, Philip Addison, Patrick Ryan.

Teacher: Miss Ferguson

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Thank you.

Patrick Ryan, Dore