WORK is at last underway to alleviate flooding on a road plagued by problems for over 20 years.

New drainage pipes are being installed at Redcar Lane, Steeton, after a long campaign for action.

Almost a year ago we revealed how beleaguered residents at Westybank Croft, in Redcar Lane, were terrified for their properties, and people's safety, every time it rained.

Water up to several feet deep regularly accumulated in the road outside their homes.

They had pressed Bradford Council for action but said nothing had been done to solve the issues, which dated back more than two decades.

The council said at the time it was "trying to find solutions".

Residents who campaigned on the issue included landscape gardener Adam Wilkinson.

He says: "Road drainage was just totally inadequate.

"The flooding was worsening and could occur several times a week, even after relatively light rainfall.

"It was an ongoing worry.

"The water could be two or three feet deep, so it was quite a significant amount."

Mr Wilkinson said there were also serious traffic dangers.

"It is an unlit 60mph road and we are on a blind corner," he added.

"Cars come flying around the corner and then they hit the water, not realising how deep it was.

"In the space of just five days, eight vehicles were written off or badly damaged.

"I'm relieved that at last work is being carried out."

Keighley MP Robbie Moore supported residents in their battle.

He met them onsite last summer and then subsequently organised a meeting involving the council's drainage team and the Environment Agency.

Mr Moore says: "I'm thrilled that work to replace the culvert is finally underway, bringing much-needed relief to the residents of Westybank Croft.

"While it is frustrating that this action was not taken sooner, I commend residents, the council and the Environment Agency for coming together to find a solution. This is a prime example of how collective action can make a real difference in our community."

A Bradford Council spokesperson says: "These works will significantly improve local drainage and reduce flood risks.

"Resourcing this project has been very challenging but despite the complexities, we've remained determined and worked hard to sort it out.

"We would like to thank local residents for their patience and the Environment Agency and Yorkshire Regional Flood and Coastal Committee for financial contributions.

"We hope everyone is happy with the outcome."