NEARLY 30 candidates will contest Keighley-district wards in next month's Bradford Council elections.

Voters go to the polls on Thursday, May 4.

Bradford Council is currently under Labour control, with the party holding 52 of the 90 seats.

The Conservatives have 21 and the Liberal Democrats and Green Party six each, with the remainder comprising two Independents, two Bradford South Independents and one Ilkley Independent.

Elections are also taking place on the same day in ten Keighley Town Council wards.

This year, for the first time, people will have to show photo ID at polling stations in order to vote.

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Candidates in Keighley-district Bradford Council wards are:

Bingley Rural

Cath Bacon (Independent), Helen Baranowski (Liberal Democrats), Abdul Wahid Malik (Labour), Brian Newham (Green), Paul Gerald Sullivan (Conservative)


Eddie Irving (Conservative), Peter John Kaye (Yorkshire Party), Andrew Mark James Knight (Labour), Paul Michael Mann (Liberal Democrats), Janet Ann Russell (Green)

Keighley Central

Javaid Akhtar (Conservative), Zafar Ali (Independent), Nicholas James Allon (Liberal Democrats), Leo Alexander Robinson (Independent), Alyson Claire Telfer (Green), Amjad Ali Zaman (Labour)

Keighley East

John Briggs (Liberal Democrats), Martin Jon Crangle (Conservative), Duncan Nigel Stuart Hunnisett (Green), Lisa Ann Robinson (Labour), Alexander Richard Vann (Social Democratic Party)

Keighley West

Laura Ann Kelly (Conservative), Julie Lintern (Labour), Steven James Spoerry (Liberal Democrats), James Jonathan Whitaker (Green)

Worth Valley

Hawarun Nesa Hussain (Green), Ash Joomun Whitehead (Labour), Kay Kirkham (Liberal Democrats), Rebecca Poulsen (Conservative)

Elections will take place in the following Keighley Town Council wards:

Brackenbank and Ingrow (3 seats) Dominic James Atlas, Allan Brian Clark (Independent), Paul Michael Cook, Christopher John Herd (Independent)

Guardhouse (1 seat) Mohammad Khalil, Dwaine Michael Smith (Independent)

Knowle Park (1 seat) Jalal Uddin Sheikh, Abdul Mohammed Shohid

Lawkholme and Showfield (2 seats) Javaid Akhtar (Independent), Ashok Ali, Mohammed Ibraheem

Laycock and Braithwaite (1 seat) Julie Ann Glentworth (Independent), John Stevens Kirby

Long Lee and Parkwood (2 seats) Claire Louise Denby (Independent), Ken Green (Independent), Wendy Harrison (Conservative), John Thomas Lawless (Independent)

Morton and Sandbeds (2 seats) Martin Jon Crangle, Lewis Andrew Haynes (Independent), Sarah Katherine Nash-Myers (Independent)

Riddlesden and Stockbridge (3 seats) Sharon Emma Bham, Damyan John Foster, Rashid Hussain, Peter James Kates (Independent), Kaif Khan, Mohammed Muazzam, Andrea Catherine Elizabeth Walker (Independent), Edward Howard Harold Wellwood

Spring Gardens and Utley (3 seats) Clare Alison Abberton (Independent), Mohammad Anayat, Mohammed Kadir Rafiq, Abdul Nasser Razak

Woodhouse and Hainworth (two seats) Ellen Bailey (Independent), Laura Ann Kelly, Tamara Michelle Priestley (Independent)