LABOUR is reflecting this morning on a successful election campaign.

As the last of the results were counted yesterday, it was revealed that the party had strengthened its hold on Bradford Council.

Fifty-six of the local authority's 90 councillors are now Labour, an increase of four.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives lost four seats, dropping to 16, although it remains the second biggest party.

The Green Party continued to see a surge in strength. Just a few years ago it had only two councillors on Bradford Council, both in Shipley, but now the party has eight. Gains this time included Craven ward, which it took from the Conservatives.

Liberal Democrats lost one seat, which means the party is now the fourth biggest on the council.

The situation in the Bradford district mirrored the national picture, where the Conservatives lost hundreds of seats in what many experts have described as an expected backlash to the Government.

Deputy Labour leader on the council, Imran Khan, who retained his seat, said: "I think the Tories expected this. As a whole they took a hammering, and a lot of that is down to the Government."

Results in Keighley-district wards were: Bingley Rural – Paul Gerald Sullivan (Conservative) 2,457; Abdul Wahid Malik (Labour) 1,211; Cath Bacon 960; Brian Newham (Green Party) 432; Helen Baranowski (Liberal Democrats) 194.

Craven – Janet Ann Russell (Green Party) 2,831; Eddie Irving (Conservative) 1,838; Andrew Mark James Knight (Labour) 700; Peter John Kaye (The Yorkshire Party) 280; Paul Michael Mann (Liberal Democrats) 73.

Keighley Central – Amjad Ali Zaman (Labour) 3,125; Javaid Akhtar (Conservative) 2,284; Zafar Ali 580; Alyson Claire Telfer (Green Party) 178; Leo Alexander Robinson 85; Nicholas James Allon (Liberal Democrats) 84.

Keighley East – Lisa Ann Robinson (Labour) 2,015; Martin Jon Crangle (Conservative) 1,425; Duncan Nigel Stuart Hunnisett (Green Party) 270; John Briggs (Liberal Democrats) 186; Alexander Richard Vann (Social Democratic Party) 37.

Keighley West – Julie Lintern (Labour) 1,507; Laura Ann Kelly (Conservative) 1,447; Steven James Spoerry (Liberal Democrats) 127; James Jonathan Whitaker (Green Party) 102.

Worth Valley – Rebecca Poulsen (Conservative) 2,412; Ash Joomun-Whitehead (Labour) 1,290; Hawarun Nesa Hussain (Green Party) 187; Kay Kirkham (Liberal Democrats) 182.

Elections were also held in several Keighley Town Council wards.

Results were: Brackenbank and Ingrow – Christopher John Herd 507 (elected); Allan Brian Clark 359 (elected); Paul Michael Cook 280 (elected); Dominic James Atlas 237.

Guardhouse – Mohammad Khalil 138 (elected); Dwaine Michael Smith 136.

Knowle Park – Abdul Mohammed Shohid 444 (elected); Jalal Uddin Sheikh 276.

Lawkholme and Showfield – Mohammed Ibraheem 858 (elected); Javaid Akhtar 850 (elected); Ashok Ali 713.

Laycock and Braithwaite – John Stevens Kirby 222 (elected); Julie Ann Glentworth 127.

Long Lee and Parkwood – John Thomas Lawless 390 (elected); Wendy Harrison 303 (elected); Claire Louise Denby 280; Ken Green 217.

Morton and Sandbeds – Lewis Andrew Haynes 531 (elected); Martin Jon Crangle 449 (elected); Sarah Katherine Nash-Myers 269.

Riddlesden and Stockbridge – Andrea Catherine Elizabeth Walker 958 (elected); Peter James Kates 809 (elected); Mohammed Muazzam 515 (elected); Rashid Hussain 468; Kaif Khan 417; Edward Howard Harold Wellwood 245; Sharon Emma Bham 151; Damyan John Foster 60.

Spring Gardens and Utley – Mohammed Kadir Rafiq 988 (elected); Clare Alison Abberton 903 (elected); Abdul Nasser Razak 712 (elected); Mohammad Anayat 627.

Woodhouse and Hainworth – Ellen Bailey 406 (elected); Laura Ann Kelly 316 (elected); Tamara Michelle Priestley 128.