ARTS charity Keighley Creative has a new events boss.

Aimee Grundell has taken up the post of festival and events director.

And she has already outlined ambitious plans to grow the town's annual arts and film festival, which this year takes place from October 6 to 8, into a major fixture on the cultural calendar.

"I’ve come to Keighley Creative because I love Keighley!" says Ms Grundell.

"You have people who are willing to get involved, and what I like to do is all about people. And Keighley is full of different cultures."

Dewsbury-born, she grew up in Bradford, but bought her first house in Haworth when returning north on completion of studies in London.

She has worked in the music industry and publishing and run a successful design company based in Calderdale, but she's relishing her new role.

"My aim and ambition is to create a festival which will grow year-on-year – and happen in the summer months – and for it to be very Keighley-esque with events that are different from what you get anywhere else," says Ms Grundell.

"I’d like it to be Keighley-orientated; for the people, by the people."

Ms Grundell is no stranger to the town, having organised last year’s acclaimed K-Town Shopper event in collaboration with Keighley Creative.

She believes art can be a force for good in people’s lives.

"Sometimes it can take just one thing to change people’s paths and what they think is possible," she adds.

"I believe that’s why art is important, because it can literally open people’s eyes to something completely different and change the way you see things as well.

"I’m really interested in doing things for young people because I’m aware there is a big problem with youth unemployment in Keighley. That’s one of my drivers – to get kids thinking out of the box about what is possible and feasible for them, because that’s how I came to do what I do.

"We don’t have a lot of money but I’m hopeful that with my sheer belligerent enthusiasm, which I get from my Bradford grandfather, I’ll be able to do something!"

Support for her post is provided by Keighley Towns Fund.

Ms Grundell succeeds Madeleine O’Reilly, who has taken up a role with the National Theatre.

Gemma Hobbs, Keighley Creative’s creative director and general manager, says: "We are really excited to welcome Aimee to the team."