CUTTING down on water usage could help slash energy bills.

That's the message to Keighley-district householders from WaterSafe, the UK registration body for approved plumbers.

It says power used to heat water for washing, cooking and cleaning makes up a third of energy bills.

WaterSafe adds that simple measures such as taking a shorter shower and fitting water-saving fixtures like tap aerators can make a difference.

Also, when buying new household appliances, people are advised to look out for those that are water-saving and approved by the Unified Water Label Scheme.

Julie Spinks, for WaterSafe, says: "With so many people struggling to make ends meet, it’s important to understand the link between using water more efficiently and helping to keep metered bills as low as possible. All WaterSafe-approved plumbers are trained in regulations and can advise on how to avoid wasting water.

"Whilst we want to do all we can to support households to reduce the water they waste, it’s important to say we’re not trying to restrict use.

"There is lots of information on our website, at"

Yorkshire Water also offers a range of advice about using less hot water to reduce household energy bills. Go to