KEIGHLEY-district householders are being encouraged to save water during the current dry spell.

Yorkshire Water says this month's high temperatures have sparked a surge in usage.

The increase, of around 130 million litres a day, is equivalent to what would normally be required to supply the whole of Bradford, with a population totalling over 550,000.

Dry weather can also cause damage to underground pipes.

Yorkshire Water is using its pipeline network to move supplies around the region and balance its reservoir stocks.

Average reservoir levels currently stand at 82 per cent, which is higher than at this time last year but slightly below usual totals.

Emily Brady, for Yorkshire Water, says: "It is really important that we all do our best to save water, especially when it’s hot and dry. When lots of people use more water at the same time it can drain our system quicker than we can get water back into the pipes.

"We’re encouraging everyone to be mindful of their water use and save it where they can – whether that’s with a four-minute shower, reusing water to feed plants or choosing a watering can over a hose."

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