KEIGHLEY homeowners are being urged to act if they spot signs of Japanese knotweed.

The Property Care Association says the invasive weed becomes more visible at this time of year.

Anyone concerned that Japanese knotweed may be present on their property is advised to contact the association, whose invasive weed control group has access to a library of resources.

Spokesperson Daniel Docking says: "It's growing season in the UK so now is the time homeowners are likely to spot an invader like Japanese knotweed if it is present.

"The weed's tied to legislation, which means landowners have a responsibility to manage infestations responsibly.

"We're encouraging anyone with concerns about the plant to seek expert help and ensure any relevant paperwork is completed correctly.

"Our invasive weed control group members have a range of options to treat infestations. It’s essential to engage a competent certificated surveyor in Japanese knotweed who will have the specialist skills and knowledge to identify it or any other invasive plants that may be present."

The group comprises industry professionals who offer guidance on best practice and standards, as well as providing a reference point for people to find invasive weed contractors.

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