YEAR 6 pupils at Kildwick CE Primary School have been given a glimpse of potential future jobs.

A wide range of occupations and businesses was represented at a careers fair.

The children could learn about working in the NHS, police force, Football Association or with companies including Skipton-based ADNC Projects Ltd.

And other roles represented ranged from an archaeologist to a solicitor, merchant navy captain and stonemason.

Headteacher Tim Whitehead says: "The children were inspired by all the careers, with the police sergeant, midwives and FA digital trainer particular favourites.

"This was a fantastic opportunity for our children to see the diverse range of careers available to them and I hope it showed them that the world really is their oyster!"

Year 6 pupil, Bibi Weston, said: "It was a very interesting morning and gave me the opportunity to think about what I might want to do in the future."