A KEIGHLEY school which received Ofsted's lowest rating says it has taken "significant steps" to address concerns.

Beckfoot Oakbank was told by the education watchdog that it "remains inadequate and has serious weaknesses" following a recent monitoring inspection.

Ofsted said leaders of the 1,568-student school had made improvements since the previous visit, but that "more work was necessary" for the category of concern to be removed.

In the last report, behaviour was highlighted as an issue and it was revealed more than 130 pupils were removed from lessons in one day.

The monitoring visit indicated the school was working to reduce these numbers.

The report said: “The actions you have taken to improve behaviour demonstrate a positive impact. Suspensions and removals from lessons are reducing.

“When a pupil is removed from a lesson, they are taken to the internal inclusion unit.

“Your staff provide work for these pupils to complete.

“However, there is inconsistency in how well the learning that staff provide meets pupils’ individual needs.

“Some pupils do not complete the work or do not complete it to an acceptable standard.”

The school recognised greater leadership capacity was needed and the Beckfoot Trust created an interim oversight committee, which comprises experienced leaders from other multi-academy trusts.

Ofsted added that quality assurance processes were well developed and action planning "clear and focused".

Beckfoot Oakbank says it is pleased with the "positive feedback" following the monitoring visit.

A spokesperson adds: "We have taken significant steps in recent months to address Ofsted's comments, and we remain committed to ensuring there are robust plans in place to drive forward further improvement and at pace.

"We're pleased that our action plan and quality assurance processes were recognised by Ofsted as having an impact. As the inspector noted, our plans are clear and focussed and we are working to measurable milestones to expedite improvement and positive change.

"We are also pleased that Ofsted has recognised leaders have made progress to improve the school, and that trustees have tight oversight of the school through the introduction of an interim oversight committee.

"We fully recognise there is more to do, and the areas for further improvement are stated in our action planning. We are continuing to work on creating a strong curriculum and addressing the poor behaviour of a minority of students. As the inspector noted, our strategy is having an impact. We are committed to high standards for all.

"Thank you to the many parents who have supported us in bringing about necessary change. We want to reassure our whole community that we will be working tirelessly to implement our action plan to bring about further rapid change as we continue our journey of improvement."