YOUNGSTERS at a Keighley-district school have been displaying their entrepreneurial skills.

Each of the 143 pupils at Kildwick CE Primary School was given a £1 coin, and issued with a challenge.

The children were tasked with using their £1 to generate as much money as they could for the school.

And the initiative proved a massive success.

Over the six weeks of the Grow A Pound scheme, a whopping £2,278 was raised.

The money will help pay for new books and information and communications technology equipment, and improvements to the playground.

Headteacher Tim Whitehead said he was delighted with the pupils' efforts, and the amount raised.

He added: "In addition to raising much-needed funds for school, this initiative has also given children an insight into how business works and has helped them to build skills for the future – such as team working, problem solving, leadership, money management and creativity. It has also supported children in their learning of key elements of the national curriculum.

"The pupils came up with some fantastic ideas and either worked on their own or in a group. They were allowed to take a loan if needed, but the money loaned had to come out of the profits and be paid back before the end of the challenge.

"Ideas ranged from sponsored walks to making clay models to order, and a lot involved baking and eating!"

To further support the children with their efforts, a 'market place' was held every Friday, between 3.30pm and 3.45pm.

"The pupils used this opportunity to sell goods and services to their peers," Mr Whitehead added.

"They could then use any profits to buy more resources for the following week and increase their stock.

"The children also designed posters to advertise their goods and these were placed in the weekly school newsletter, The Kildwick Chronicle."

* Year 6 pupils at the school were recently given a glimpse of potential future jobs where they may be able to put their entrepreneurial, or other, skills to use.

A wide range of occupations and businesses was represented at a careers fair.

The children could learn about working in the NHS, police force, Football Association or with companies including Skipton-based ADNC Projects Ltd.

And other roles represented ranged from an archaeologist to a solicitor.

Mr Whitehead said: "This was a fantastic opportunity for our children to see the range of careers available to them."