A COUNCILLOR has promised action after a series of concerns was raised in a village survey.

Cllr Luke Maunsell, who represents Oakworth ward on Keighley Town Council, garnered residents' views on a range of issues.

High amongst villagers' concerns were problems with parking and speeding, flytipping in rural areas, anti-social behaviour and the possibility of further housing developments.

Every household in Oakworth was invited to respond to the survey, which followed a similar initiative about four years ago.

"Since the first survey – carried out as a way to assess the priorities of local people – I've been working hard to tackle problems raised including dog fouling and litter," says Cllr Maunsell.

"Thanks to residents, the town council, Oakworth’s amazing community groups and others, a lot of positive change has happened, such as a new village sign, free dog bag dispensers and a range of new benches.

"I wanted to refresh the survey to see how views had changed.

"Since analysing the results, I have already begun to take action. I am investigating launching a ‘little free library’ in the village as well as identifying new sites for potential waste bins and benches.

"I've already met with our town council staff about seeing what we can achieve as an authority, and I will be linking in Bradford Council, local groups and other partners.

"There’s no getting away from the fact that some things will take longer than others to resolve, but I’m always up for the fight!"

Cllr Maunsell said the survey found there were "very positive" views about the village, including a general feeling of friendliness, respect for volunteers, and good resources.

Ninety per cent of respondents felt the village was a great place to live.

Top concerns raised included parking and speeding, particularly in the Lidget area and around the primary school.

A range of ideas was put forward for improving green areas. Many of the suggestions centred around the park and included new equipment, better lighting and the creation of picnic areas.

Suggested events included music and scarecrow festivals, the return of Fairy Fest, and a dog show. There were also calls for film clubs and screenings, and the launch of a free book library similar to one in Riddlesden.

When asked what they'd like to see the town council and local councillors spend grant money on, many suggested a further expansion of the village's Christmas lights.