A £20 MILLION investment package has been announced for Keighley.

The Government cash is on top of the £33.6m Towns Fund previously awarded.

Money from the latest pot will be used for measures such as bringing empty shop units back into use, tackling anti-social behaviour and growing small and medium-sized businesses.

Keighley MP Robbie Moore welcomes the package.

He says: "I’m proud to have successfully secured an additional £20m of funding for Keighley from the Department of Levelling Up, after much lobbying of Government. It's yet another game-changer for our town.

"Under the funding, a new suite of regeneration powers will be rolled out to unlock more private-sector investment.

"The new funding builds on the Government’s central mission to level-up the UK by putting more power and money in the hands of people who know their areas best to build a brighter future for their community, creating bespoke initiatives to spark town regeneration.

"For as long as I am Keighley’s Member of Parliament, I will always make sure local priorities are put first. I look forward to working with all involved to ensure this new investment is a success."

John Grogan, Keighley's Labour parliamentary candidate, says any funding pledged to the town is to be welcomed.

But he adds: "Some commentators might say that £20m over the next ten years is an easy promise to make for a Government facing an election and 15 per cent behind in the polls.

"Also, the £20m is dwarfed by cuts in public services in the town over the last decade of Conservative rule.

"Our Tory MP promised in his election leaflet in 2019 that he had a plan to revive Cavendish Street, North Street and the Airedale Shopping Centre. Clearly there is still a lot of work to do, although the recent Keighley & Airedale Business Awards demonstrated the entrepreneurial drive which flourishes in the town.

"Collaboration between local business, the Government and both Bradford and Keighley councils is the only way we will make real progress. I hope our MP will join me by backing plans which are being developed for a private-sector-led Business Improvement District in Keighley to focus energies on reviving the town centre."