TECHNOLOGY which is transforming treatment for breast cancer patients at Airedale Hospital will continue to be used after renewed funding was secured.

The procedure known as Magseed helps surgeons more-accurately pinpoint tumours, and reduces stress for patients.

It was introduced at the Steeton hospital – and at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust – last year, with support from the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Cancer Alliance Innovation Bursary programme.

Now the alliance has announced a continuation of funding.

Mark Dean, project manager for innovation with the alliance, says: "We worked closely with both Airedale and Bradford NHS trusts when we awarded funding in 2021-22.

"They decided to bid for ongoing funds and we were able to bring them together to submit a joint proposal, which was successful.

"This is great news and will bring huge benefits to breast cancer patients in our region."

Advancements in imaging and screening mean breast cancer is now often caught at an early stage.

But due to earlier detection, cancers are typically smaller and therefore harder to locate during surgery.

Traditionally a wire was placed in the tumour to guide the surgeon to the lesion.

However, the process has been revolutionised through Magseed – a tiny, magnetic seed which ‘marks’ the location of the lump for removal in surgery.

The seed, which is smaller than a grain of rice, helps guide the surgeon to the exact location of the cancer.

Julie O’Riordan, deputy medical director at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, says: "This renewed funding is great news.

"Using Magseed makes for a much better experience for our patients – it cuts down the need for multiple trips to hospital and is more comfortable than wire insertion, meaning it’s much less stressful.

"It also enables us to be more flexible in planning surgery, as patients no longer need the wire inserted in radiology beforehand. This means patients aren’t having to wait around to have their procedure done, which can add to their anxiety."

Catherine Tait, associate specialist and multidisciplinary team lead for breast surgery at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, says: "Magseed has transformed the hospital experience for our 150 breast cancer patients who require lumpectomies every year.

"This technology brings huge benefits including reduced hospital appointments, which helps decrease a woman’s stress, as well as providing greater surgical accuracy – which leads to less breast tissue being removed, meaning a better cosmetic outcome for patients."