A TEENAGER forced to flee Ukraine last year after war broke out is displaying his musical talent.

Volodymyr Podobiedov, 15, was a keen violinist in his homeland, but didn't pick up the instrument again until six months after arriving in Bradford district with his mum.

Now he is part of a Furthering Talent programme, and is studying GCSE music at his school – Parkside, in Cullingworth.

Volodymyr has also won a school talent competition, performed at the University of York and signed up to be part of Bradford Youth Orchestra.

He says: "I love music. As a child, at one concert, I heard how melodic and magical the violin sounds and I wanted to learn how to play this amazing instrument.

"At the age of seven I entered music school, where I started learning to play the violin. I had a wonderful teacher, who instilled a love of music in me."

Staff at Parkside spotted Volodymyr’s skill and enthusiasm for music and contacted Furthering Talent, which helps young people sustain their musical learning.

Helen Borg, for Furthering Talent, says: "Volodymyr has individual music lessons, whilst working on his goals through an individual learning plan.

"He is a pleasure to teach."