A 'LAUGH-out-loud farce' is promised as Keighley Playhouse brings two popular characters to the stage.

The playhouse is presenting Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect Nonsense, with its latest production opening to audiences on Monday, October 23.

A spokesperson says: "Step into the uproarious world of Bertie Wooster and his unflappable valet, Jeeves, in this comedy of errors inspired by PG Wodehouse's beloved characters.

"Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect Nonsense is a laugh-out-loud farce that brings the timeless wit and humour of Wodehouse to life.

"In the play, Bertie Wooster – a charming but dim-witted aristocrat – finds himself in a series of hilarious predicaments.

"He decides to stage a show recounting a recent weekend at his Aunt Dahlia's country home. The weekend was filled with eccentric guests, absurd misunderstandings and a stolen cow creamer!

"With the assistance of his ever-resourceful valet, Jeeves, and Aunt Dahlia's wardrobe, Bertie brings to life a madcap adventure that will leave audiences in stitches. Chaos ensues. Jeeves, the master of discretion and quick thinking, must ensure that Bertie's theatrical endeavour doesn't end in a complete disaster. Along the way, the audience is treated to a whirlwind of hilarious impersonations, zany costume changes and a plot so tangled that even the cleverest of butlers might struggle to unravel it."

The production is directed by Kevin Moore, and the cast includes Mark Rundle as Bertie Wooster, Jason Evens in the role of Jeeves and Tim Lobley as Seppings, the butler of Bertie's aunt.

The spokesperson adds: "With impeccable comedic timing and wit, the cast promises an unforgettable theatrical experience for all ages.

"Don't miss the chance to witness this uproarious comedy that celebrates the delightful absurdity of PG Wodehouse's world."

Performances take place from October 23 until Saturday, October 28, at 7.30pm.

For ticket details and to book, call the box office on 07599 890769 or go to ticketsource.co.uk/keighley-playhouse/jeeves-wooster/e-qpzary.

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For further information about the playhouse, go to keighleyplayhouse.co.uk.