PURPLE reigned at a Keighley-district school.

Team Respect led a craft session, centred around a colour purple theme, at Riddlesden St Mary's Primary School.

Each child at the 440-pupil school, in Grange Road, is part of a house team covering either respect, peace, courage, friendship, trust or forgiveness.

During the past half-term, the focus has been on respect.

Miss Gini Talbot, for the school, said: "The craft session saw Team Respect children, friends and families taking the opportunity to get to know other members of their team – making new friends and discussing what respect means to them.

"A wide selection of craft materials, from purple play dough to purple paint, were available to use.

"It was lovely to see so many children and adults getting creative together!

"Next half-term the school will be focusing on the value, peace. We look forward to welcoming Team Peace for a craft session."