A NEW mini-library has opened in Oakworth.

The public can donate and exchange books, returning them once read.

Residents suggested some library provision during a community survey carried out by Oakworth-ward Keighley town councillor, Luke Maunsell.

The library, whose shelving was constructed by the Downstairs Project based at Keighley Civic Centre, is located in Oakworth's Co-op store.

Councillor Maunsell says: "I cannot thank enough the Downstairs Project and Co-op for getting this project off the ground.

"It's a wonderful facility for the community and many people have already become interested in contributing.

"I'm glad myself and my colleagues could get a successful result on behalf of residents and I hope the mini-library is in use for many years to come."

Ward colleague Councillor Mark Curtis said: "We have already spoken to some people who're interested in using it and want to make it a success. It's a great community project."