TWO teachers at a Keighley-district school have received recognition for their use of technology to enhance learning.

Wilsden Primary Year 5/6 teacher Stephen Peers and early years foundation stage and Key Stage 1 leader Jess Terry have both achieved the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert badge.

As part of the programme, participants have to understand and demonstrate how Microsoft's suite of tools supports teaching and learning.

Badge holders then share their knowledge with colleagues and other educators.

Wilsden Primary School is part of Focus-Trust, whose safeguarding, ambition and inclusion lead Andrew Chadwick has also earned the badge.

He says: "We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be part of the programme and continue to increase opportunities for our students.

"Along the journey we have picked up some great new ideas to improve the learning and overall engagement of students.

"We’re always searching for ways to improve as a school, and looking to the future we want to further develop the use of technology for our pupils."

Focus-Trust initiatives include the formation of a working group – including teachers and support staff – to examine how schools can use artificial intelligence effectively, to reduce workload and in the classroom for children.