A CHALLENGE has been made over the length of the prison sentence handed to a Keighley drug driver who killed a nine-year-old boy in a hit-and-run.

Luke Widdop, 51, did not stop at the scene in Sutton-in-Craven, leaving George Lewis fatally injured in the crash, after he was thrown from the road into a field.

His father Michael Lewis and another child were injured in the collision, which happened as they were walking on the road at around 9pm on September 17, 2021.

Last month Widdop was jailed for eight years at Bradford Crown Court, but a bid has now been made for the sentence to be reviewed under a scheme for sentences believed to be too lenient.

The Attorney General must now decide whether to refer Widdop’s sentence to the Court of Appeal, where the jail term could be increased.

Under the rules of the unduly lenient sentence scheme, the Attorney General’s Office has 28 days from the date of sentence to make a decision.

During the original court case Bradford Crown Court heard that dairy worker Widdop, who has a criminal record of over 50 offences dating back to 1989, had smoked crack cocaine at some point before driving home in a work van.

Traces of heroin were also found in his system.

Widdop was speeding at around 50mph, where the limit is 30mph, and later told police he was “tired” after being at work, and just wanted to “put his feet up”, the court heard.

Mr Lewis was leading the two children and had illuminated his mobile phone torch to see the way and to warn oncoming drivers, the court heard.

When he realised a vehicle was coming towards them, he urged the youngsters to come in closer to a stone wall on the lane, which had no pavement.

Judge Jonathan Rose, sentencing, said: “Sadly, that was not enough to save them. You struck each of them in turn.”

George died from multiple injuries at the scene.

Widdop drove home but handed himself in to police soon after, claimed not to have realised he had hit three people but surrendered after seeing damage to the van and a police helicopter in the sky.

A mouth swab revealed he had taken cocaine, and further tests revealed he had also used heroin.

Widdop had admitted causing death by careless driving while unfit through drugs at his first court appearance.