HOSPITALITY industry representatives in South Craven and across North Yorkshire are calling for a halt to train strikes in the run-up to Christmas.

The York & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce hospitality forum fears that more industrial action on the railways in coming weeks will have a severe impact on the sector.

Aslef begins a series of one-day strikes at the weekend, which will continue until December 8, and an overtime ban which will run until December 9.

Andrew Pericleous, chair of the hospitality forum, says: "Christmas is the period in which hospitality does its highest levels of trade.

"With the sector having endured so much in recent years – from forced closures during the pandemic to soaring overheads – the resultant decline in footfall brought about by strikes is hugely damaging to businesses.

"Whilst the forum doesn't intend to comment on the reasons behind the industrial action, it is urging all parties to do whatever they can to ensure that the crucial festive period is not disrupted by more strikes."