HAWORTH'S 1940s Weekend is being revived.

Question marks hung over the future of the annual event, which sees thousands of people – many in period costume – converge on the village.

But a new team has come forward to spearhead the venture.

And those at the helm say they will work with the authorities to help ensure a "healthy and successful" event.

Heading up the team are Matthew Wignall and Jamila Juma-Ware.

"Haworth 1940s Weekend has become a cherished tradition – attracting visitors from far and wide and contributing to the local economy," says Matthew.

"Not only does it connect like-minded enthusiasts against the backdrop of the village’s rich history, but it also brings in vital income for the local community. In a time when businesses are closing in city centres, it is crucial to keep the economy alive in villages like Haworth, fostering growth and development.

"This revival is a true example of the resilience and determination of the community – an incredible celebration of community spirit and heritage.

"We are collaborating closely with the authorities to guarantee that best practices are upheld.

"Working with Bradford Council and the parish council, the team is implementing strategic plans to create a healthy and successful event that showcases the best of Bronte Country. We are also utilising transportation links and park and ride to ensure smooth operations."

Jamila says the event has the potential to create a huge boost for businesses in challenging times and on the back of the impact of the pandemic and lockdown periods.

"We encourage businesses to embrace the festivities and think about their own opportunities to drive growth," she adds.

"Whilst our high streets are struggling, our aim is to drive investment through the village to help counter what has been a particularly difficult time for businesses.

"We do have high footfall from tourism, but the loss of a major event like the 40s Weekend would have had a harrowing impact on our community. From B&Bs to hospitality and retail, we need to feed back into the economy – this then has a residual impact for residents, keeping the local businesses they love and enjoy alive."

The team is keen to hear from people interested in volunteering to help with the event, which will take place in May.

Further information, including contact details, can be found at Haworth1940s.com

Updates will also be posted on the website.