ROMANTIC comedy Rye Lane is the latest offering from Keighley Film Club.

The critically-acclaimed movie, which marks the directorial debut of Raine Allen-Miller, sees two youngsters reeling from bad break-ups connect during an eventful day in South-London.

"If you enjoyed Love Actually you'll love Rye Lane!" says Alan Watkinson, for the club.

"Rising stars Vivian Oparah as Yas and David Jonsson as Dom coincidentally meet in the throes of relationship breakdowns and find that each has a sense of injustice regarding their exes' mistreatment of them, such as 'lost' property and evidence of cheating, and decide what they can do about this.

"There are hilarious attempts to regain the lost property and laugh-out-loud comedy."

Rye Lane is written by Nathan Bryon and Tom Melia, and other cast members include Poppy Allen-Quarmby as Cass.

Review website Rotten Tomatoes rated the film at 98 per cent.

Descriptions of the movie include "a hugely enjoyable romp that effectively combines the limited time of the romcom format with visual cheekiness" and "bursting with wit, grit and charm".

Rye Lane, which has a 15 certificate and runs for one hour 22 minutes, is being shown at Keighley Picture House on Sunday, December 17, at 6pm.