A NEW scheme has been launched on the region's bus network to help people with hidden disabilities.

The 'orange wallet' travel card enables passengers to alert the driver if they may need extra time or help.

Also, there's space for a travel assistance card where more specific details can be included.

West Yorkshire mayor, Tracy Brabin, says: "We want to break down barriers that lead some people to feel they're unable to use buses through no fault of their own.

"And we’re sending a message that says anyone who doesn’t currently use West Yorkshire’s buses is welcome, no matter what challenges they face."

West Yorkshire inclusivity champion, Fatima Khan-Shah, says: "The orange wallets are a great idea.

"There are thousands of people in our region having to fight unseen battles every day."

The wallets and travel assistance cards are available from bus station travel centres.

For more details, visit wymetro.com/plan-a-journey/accessible-travel/orange-wallets-travel-assistance-cards