A MAJOR campaign in the district to tackle parental conflict – and minimise its impact on children – has entered a second phase.

The Relationships Matter initiative aims to raise awareness around the causes of conflict, and provide guidance and support.

As part of the latest phase, posters will be appearing on digital display boards and the rear panels of buses, and in bus shelters.

And people will be able to hear campaign messages via radio, social media channels, laptops and mobile phones.

The venture is being spearheaded by Bradford Children and Families Trust.

It and Bradford Council have developed a Families and Youth Information website, at fyi.bradford.gov.uk

The site features advice and resources covering a range of topics including coping with the cost-of-living crisis, childcare, mental health and wellbeing, jobs and training, and parenting courses.

In the Relationships Matter section, parents can access various tips on resolving conflict and coping with stress, as well as details of services, and download a copy of a specially-commissioned 'Little Book of Relationship Tips'.

Charlotte Ramsden, chief executive of Bradford Children and Families Trust, says: "Continuing the Relationships Matter campaign is a key element of our work to support families across Bradford district. All relationships have moments of conflict, but when that conflict becomes intense, frequent and poorly resolved, this can affect children and young people’s development and wellbeing.

"At this time of year, during what feels like long winter months, we know that families can often feel strained and conflict can increase. We want people to know there is help and support available. The Relationships Matter service gives parents the tools they need to resolve conflict constructively and without it harming those around them.

"In most relationships it’s normal to have the occasional argument, and if resolved fairly they cause no harm. The risk of arguments becoming more heated is higher during stressful events such as having a baby, moving house, being out of work or having money problems. Unfortunately, when children witness these heated arguments it can have a serious impact on their mental health, behaviour and the way they perform at school."

Relationships Matter is part of a wider programme led by the Department for Work and Pensions.

It works with local authorities and partners to help them integrate measures to reduce parental conflict into their services for families. It has funded training for practitioners within children and families services.