A KEIGHLEY company's industry-leading 'green' credentials have been spotlighted.

And the firm has outlined its commitment to further developing sustainability practices.

Universal AV has been working to minimise its environmental impact for a number of years.

When it moved into new premises – at Longcroft – in 2020, the audio visual services provider grasped the chance to enhance those efforts.

"The move presented us with an incredible opportunity to create an office and warehouse space fit for the future," says the company's marketing manager, Shelley Townend.

"We harnessed our in-house expertise, designing and fitting out the new office space to run entirely on electricity. This included the installation of LED light fittings throughout, alongside occupancy sensors which trigger lights to 'power down' when no one is present.

"The roof of the premises is vast and that gave us the perfect opportunity to utilise solar power. To become self-sufficient, the renewable energy consultant calculated that we needed 280 solar panels, which we have installed and use to power the entire building. We also have battery storage, and any surplus is sold back to the national grid. So far, we have saved over 1,750kg of CO2 emissions, which is the equivalent of planting over 100 trees!

"We have two baling machines, enabling us to better manage the recycling of packing material including cardboard, polystyrene and plastic. In order to be carbon neutral, the collection company only takes 24 bales at a time, usually twice a year, so the baled material takes up a lot of warehouse space while we wait for it to be collected. This can be challenging, but over the two collections, 21,772 kilos of material is recycled, none of which reaches landfill. We are incredibly proud of this process."

She says the firm works with clients to ensure equipment is also disposed of sustainably, and where possible is repurposed and offered to charitable organisations.

Shelley adds: "We’re proud to be a local company, providing products and services to local clients.

"We actively seek clients locally so that we’re not wasting fuel and resources or causing unnecessary pollution by needing to travel far.

"Where travel is necessary, we want this to be sustainable too. We've installed several charging points and anticipate that we will operate a fleet entirely made up of electric vehicles by 2030.

"Minimising our environmental impact is rooted deeply in our ethos and will continue to be."