SUGDEN End household waste recycling centre at Cross Roads closes for good this Sunday (March 31) as part of Bradford Council cost-saving measures. Here are more readers' views on the issue...

NO one wants the Sugden End tip to close.

It will undoubtedly lead to additional fly-tipping and deprive thousands of a vital, local resource.

As a meant-to-be-wealthy nation, we shouldn’t be in this position. Our local services shouldn’t be cut, we should be aspiring for better.

However, after 14 years of Tory failure, what do we expect?

Since 2010, £350 million has been cut from Bradford Council. Meanwhile, the cost of living has surged as have other demands.

This is unsustainable.

Add to that the national financial mismanagement and I am surprised we haven’t got here sooner.

In the past, councils had reserves to rely on, now they have to gamble with our money just to stay afloat or cut their cloth accordingly.

This is a disgrace.

At the same time, the Tory councillors and MP love to blame Bradford for everything as they snipe from the sidelines – where was their lobbying for additional funding from their own government over the last 14 years?

Robbie Moore is a loyal, Government minister who has ensured that these cuts have been imposed whilst having the audacity to blame everyone else for his own party’s failures.

Now, don’t get me wrong – there have been local failures. Child services for one has been utterly unacceptable which no one should deny.

However, if you see your budget shrink whilst seeing costs surge and your safety net diminish, disaster soon becomes reality.

Ultimately, I hope we have a change of Government soon.

For now though, I hope Robbie Moore and his local councillor chums will be spending their time fighting the Government for sustainable local council funding. Not tiny handouts of little impact but a proper settlement to ensure Sugden End can reopen.

Otherwise, this is just the beginning of the end for local resources which should never have been on the chopping block.

Councillor Luke Maunsell, Keighley Town Council, Oakworth ward


I WAS shocked to read in the Keighley News of the closure of Sugden End tip.

This is really bad news for the residents of the Haworth area and will mean that they all have to spend more time and money to get rid of rubbish.

At a time when we are all trying to reduce emissions, it will also add to this problem. The following areas are of great concern: * Longer journeys, to the Keighley tip.

* Even more congestion and pollution in Keighley town centre.

* A lot more fly-tipping, which is already a big problem in the Haworth area. This will also cost the council a lot more to clear up.

This is just such a bad decision.

John Collinson, Oldfield


WHY does Bradford Council have no common sense? They don’t listen to our needs or opinions.

Ilkley people don’t want 100 bumps in their roads at great expense, so why not listen to them and use the money to keep Sugden End tip open, as all we locals want? Not that they listen to us either.

What kind of people run this council – idiots with no common sense? They don’t live in these areas, so they know nothing of the importance of our needs and opinions that we have. Think again, Bradford Council.

Jill Buchanan, Marsh, Oxenhope