A FINANCIAL institution which provides support to people across the district has celebrated a milestone.

Bradford District Credit Union has welcomed its 10,000th member.

The organisation marked the achievement with an event at City Hall in Bradford.

And the success of two new projects launched by the credit union was also recognised.

Both initiatives were funded by the office of West Yorkshire mayor Tracy Brabin, who was amongst those at the celebratory event.

A cost-of-living loan scheme is enabling people to take out affordable loans to help with everyday expenses.

And a UniformSavers project is helping single-parent families pay for new school uniforms and develop good savings habits.

Together, the two ventures will help around 600 households district-wide.

At the event, Ms Brabin was welcomed by the Bradford District Credit Union senior management team and there was a series of presentations by the organisation's partners – covering topics including the role of Bradford Council in providing support, and the FoodSavers project which is designed to reduce members' reliance on food banks and other initiatives.

The credit union's first-ever member, Sean McNulty, spoke about how he got involved over 30 years ago and ways in which he had been helped. He commended the organisation for requiring its customers to save money in order to be accepted for a loan, ensuring they built-up their savings and became less likely to need financial assistance in the future.

The 10,000th member, Melissa Bailey, said she'd been "thrilled" to be accepted for a loan after years of being unable to borrow.

Ms Brabin says: "Our £3 million emergency cost-of-living fund for West Yorkshire has already helped thousands of households and is making a real difference to people’s lives, and it's great to see how Bradford District Credit Union is supporting those who have nowhere else to turn. As prices continue to rise, it’s vital we do everything we can to support people at the sharpest end of the cost-of-living crisis."

Katie Hurrell, the credit union's chief executive officer, says: "We were delighted to welcome mayor Brabin and show her the positive impact the funding from her office has on the people of Bradford district.

"It was also great to have our partners in attendance. By working together, they have all contributed to the success of Bradford District Credit Union and helped support a significant number of people."

For more about the credit union, visit bdcu.co.uk