THIS photo – of inter city bowls team winners in 1936 or 1937 – is part of my family history.

It's of interest to me as Mrs Green – back row, second from left – is I believe a relative of my mother Hannah Thompson.

Hannah was the daughter of Ada Thompson (nee Green), who was the daughter of Joseph Green. The Greens came from Derbyshire to farm for the Duke of Devonshire.

I thought, as we are now into the bowling season, the photo may be of interest to anyone who recognises a family member.

The names with the photo are, from left, back, Mary Stell, Mrs Green, Mrs Horner, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Armstrong, unknown, Mrs Edmondson and Julie Clayton, and front, Mrs Barrett, Mrs Longden, Grace Hudson (captain), unknown, Mrs Simpson and Mrs Hargreaves.

Unfortunately there's no information about the location where the match was played. Does anyone have any ideas? If so, I would love to hear them. I can be contacted on 01535 609593.

Lucy Adams, Oakworth