REGARDING the Keighley News editorial about shoplifting, the reason it has become an epidemic may be due to the total lack of police, who in my day used to enforce the law – arresting such thieves and placing them before a local court. The likes of the late and much regarded Sir John Taylor JP would deal appropriately with them.

Nowadays I am told that unless the goods stolen amount to a certain value, no action will taken by the police (wherever they may be!).

Surely this encourages theft.

Criminal behaviour orders are referred to in the comment from the police spokesperson – a naughty step would be more appropriate.

The Government got rid of 20,000 police officers and no amount of bluster about replacing them will be in any way sufficient, as double that number is now required due to retirements etc.

We have been given promises by senior officers that policing will be protected in the Keighley area. Perhaps such promises are as reliable as those of politicians.

Brian Hinchliffe, Marsh, Oxenhope