STAFF at a Steeton company put their best foot forward to raise money for charity.

Twenty-two employees at Acorn Stairlifts took part in a month-long walking challenge.

They clocked-up as many steps as possible in May, raising money through sponsorship and donations.

Leading the way was accounts worker Kim Briggs, who recorded 539,427 steps – equating to 238 miles!

Kim said: "I do like a good walk, but I don’t normally go as far as that in a month! I walked to work a couple of days a week, but also did some big walks and runs at weekends and fitted in other smaller ones."

Second was Penny McGuinness, with 412,144 steps, and just 21 behind her was Wioletta Horrocks.

The challenge raised £860 for Yorkshire Cancer Research, the country's largest independent regional cancer charity.

The organisation next year celebrates its centenary.

Andy Wilson – engagement manager with the charity – says the money raised by Acorn will help support the Leeds Lung Health Check project, a mobile scanning unit.

He added: "The scans detect early signs of lung cancer, with more than 400 cases found so far. Early detection and treatment is hugely beneficial to a positive outcome, so this money from Acorn is helping to save lives."

For further information about the charity and its work, visit